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Hey there, future college rockstars! Want to know a not-so-secret secret? Hobbies aren’t just for fun – they’re your golden ticket to college success! Connect with an expert team that’s going to guide you every step of the way. Forget the same old boring stuff; it’s time to spice up your college applications with some passion and pizzazz!

Picture this: you’re browsing through your dream college’s applications, and there it is, the magical section called “Extracurriculars.” A glimmer of hope sparks in your heart – this is your chance to shine! Extracurriculars are not just some checkbox, they’re the secret sauce that can make you stand out like a unicorn at a petting zoo.

So, what’s a hobby, you ask? It’s your thrilling escape from the humdrum routine, something you do just for kicks and giggles! These magical activities make you feel alive, push you to your limits, and unleash that awesome flow state.

Forget the blah-blah-boring stuff you don’t enjoy; we’re talking about hobby-magic! Imagine trying on shirts at the mall – some are meh, but one makes you go, “HECK. YES. I look fly!” That’s the feeling we’re after – the one that sparks joy in your soul.

Now, where do you find these soul-fizzing hobbies? Fear not, we’ve got you covered:

Explore Your Inner Circle: Look to your family and friends for inspiration. Tag along with Mom’s gardening spree, jam with Grandpa’s fishing tales, or spike some pickleballs with your cousin! Connect with your faves and explore their hobbies – it’s a win-win!

School is Cool: Dive into your school’s clubs and teams. Seek out the cool cats with similar interests, and you’ll find your groove in no time! Trust us; teachers and counselors are like hobby-guides in disguise.

Embrace Your Local Gems: Check out your community center or nearby college for workshops and meetups. You’ll find hidden treasure chests of exciting stuff, like art classes, acting bootcamps, or even fitness fiestas!

Tap Into the AI Vibes: When in doubt, consult the almighty internet! Just ask AI ChatGPT for some hobby suggestions – it’s a magic 8-ball for your interests.

But here’s the catch: don’t just do the hokey-pokey with your hobbies, dive deep and reflect on the magic! Admissions committees want to see the real you – your passions, your challenges, your potential and how you grow like a majestic sunflower.


Here’s the reflection drill we swear by:

What’s your hobby?

Why do you love it like pizza on a Friday night?

What struggles have you faced? How did you superhero through them?

Did you seize life’s secret trap doors? What did you learn?

How did you sprinkle those hobby sparkles into other parts of your life?

Boom! Journal about it like a hobby detective, and you’ll unlock your true self, ready to conquer the world!

But wait, there’s more! These hobbies aren’t just college candy; they shape your college quest too! Clarity guides you to the perfect fit like a cosmic GPS. So, if you’re a nature-lover, you’ll need a college near a majestic forest. If you’re a theater junkie, pack your bags for an artsy city stage. And if sports are your jam, cheer on a college with a kickass football team!

Plus, having thrilling hobbies makes you the campus star! While others sleep-scroll their lives away, you’ll be living your dream with a hobby-packed college experience. Contact Princeton College Consulting for a personalized counseling session and get your game on!

So, rise and shine, folks! Ditch the scrolling, embrace the floury kitchen dance, the yard’s bouncy ball bonanza, or the idea tossing with your trusty friends. Seek your hobby wizardry until you find the one that screams, “HECK. YES. That’s what’s up!” Then sprinkle your magic on those college apps, and watch the doors of opportunity swing wide open!

The secret’s out, future college rockstars – let your hobbies ignite your path to the college adventure of a lifetime!


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