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The online casino industry might seem intimidating, especially to newcomers. This is due to the 50/50 chance of losing money or cashing out. A newcomer to the gambling industry may feel overwhelmed by the various games available at online casinos. It makes it even harder to choose one. Beginners are always on the lookout for simple games that nevertheless provide a decent chance of winning.

In all, it should be noted that different games call for varying levels of strategy and expertise. According to a Casino Extreme review by Jayson Peter, you can find plenty of slots on Casino Extreme, alongside blackjack and video poke. These are amongst the top beginner-friendly virtual casino games newbies should start with. No matter how much or how little to no experience you have with gambling, one of these is the perfect game for you.


If you’re just starting, slot games are a great option. You don’t need any special skills or expertise to enjoy these games. To earn fantastic rewards, you must click a few buttons and spin the reels. Adding to the enjoyment of playing online slots is the fact that they may be based on a wide variety of topics and themes, from bygone civilizations to today’s most popular movies and TV series.

The thrill may be amplified using a casino’s additional features, such as free spins, bonus rounds, or progressive jackpots. Both traditional three-reel slots and cutting-edge five-reel video slots are available at various online casinos. 


Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games, both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments. All you have to do to play roulette is put a wager on a number, color, or part of the wheel, then spin the wheel.

To win, the ball must fall on your specified stake. Betting on a cluster of numbers boosts your odds of winning (at the expense of your potential payout), or you may wager on just one figure, like 7 or 10. With lifelike visuals and user-friendly interfaces, online roulette brings the thrill of playing in a casino into your home.


This game is a tad bit more technical than the first two. This is because it takes more than a chance to win in blackjack. Playing this game would require a basic understanding of mathematics and probability. In blackjack, you face off against the dealer rather than other players. The goal of the game is to have a hand worth twenty-one without going over.

Each player will get two cards at the start of the game. After that, you have the option of “hitting” for a new card or “standing pat.” Taking additional cards increases the risk that you would end up with a hand totaling more than 21, resulting in an immediate loss. You win if your total is precisely twenty-one. If neither you nor the dealer has a hand worth 21, then the person with the highest hand value wins. 

Video Poker

Five-card draw poker is the basis for possibly the most beginner-friendly casino game: video poker. As opposed to a real-life poker game, you’ll be facing a computerized gadget. The objective, like in regular poker, is to build the most significant possible hand, and winnings are distributed according to the payout schedule.

Interestingly, video poker can be played with little to no prior experience. Video poker comes in various forms, each with its unique ruleset, much like any other casino game. Commonly played variants include Tens or Better, Double Doubles Bonus, Sigma Flush Attack, Joker’s Wild, and Bonus Poker.


Although there are some similarities, baccarat is not quite the same as blackjack. In baccarat, you may wager on your hand, the dealer’s hand, or a tie. Card sums are calculated differently, for example, but otherwise, the procedure is the same. You do not have your hand dealt for you in baccarat, which makes the game somewhat different.

Bets are placed on the banker or the player to win, with the “player” serving as a stand-in. In addition, If your starting hand total is 17, you may reduce it to a seven by dropping the 10. Most importantly, the banker often has the upper hand in baccarat. That’s why, in such situations, you should wager on the banker.


It takes great courage to visit a casino and sit at the table to play a game without a firm grasp of the rules and proper etiquette. The situation is the same whether you are playing online or offline. As a new player who wants to try your luck at real money online casino gaming, any of these games is a great place to start.


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