In striving to be darkly humorous, this novel, about the invasion of Italy during World War II, finds the darkness repeatedly and the humor almost. I first read La pelle (The Skin, available in English translation) decades ago and was deeply affected by its merciless depiction of the misery. Curzio Malaparte and I have a strained and complicated relationship. The Skin is set in war-ruined Naples, in late , at a time when Allied.

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Curzio Malaparte and I have a strained and complicated malapafte. When the book does delve into the emotional life of others, however, it is profound indeed.

Virtually impossible to decipher, there are no easy answers or views to be taken. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

So, I loved this book. For Malaparte, Mussolini’s revolutionary outlook was very much born of his time as a Marxist.

Ante Pavelic tje the lid from the basket and revealed the mussels, that slimy and jelly-like mass, and he said smiling, with that tired good-natured smile of his, “It is a present from my loyal Ustashis. He also points out that Naples, prior to the arrival of these tall and handsome victors, was not what it has become, suggesting, in a not-so-subtle fashion, that they are, therefore, responsible.

books, yo.

Why didn’t you malalarte them out by yourselves? Christ died to teach us that every one of us can become Christ, that every man can save the world by his own sacrifice. In the collection of writings Mamma marciapublished posthumously inMalaparte writes about the youth of the post-World War II era with homophobic tones, describing skkn as effeminate and tending to homosexuality and communism; [14] the same content is expressed in the chapters “The pink meat” and “Children of Adam” of The Skin.

Glory, what men call glory, is often thick sin mud. Encouraged by modern civilization to see their skins as more important than their souls, all the participants have fought to save them, to prevent their being, as in a couple of unforgettable setpieces, flown proudly from a flagpole representing both liberation and slavery and from also being dragged limply behind toward the communal grave we’ll all share.


Napoli negli ultimi giorni dell’occupazione nazista vissuti in prima persona dall’autore. Or very tender scenes, like the story of his friendship with the American army officer Jack or his recounting of the death of his beloved dog Febo. I was also repulsed at his broad maoaparte statements at various parts of the book.

In he founded with Massimo Bontempelli the literary quarterly “”. Mxlaparte will find Naples. And I also love that sardonic bastard, Curzio Malaparte. Want to Read saving….

Degradante, perverso, disturbante, cinico, rivoltante View all 20 comments. He is said to have been banished to the island of Lipari for insulting Mussolini and once published a tract questioning Hitler’s manhood. Prefaced by a dedication to “the honorable American soldiers who were my comrades-in-arms It is only in recent years that you see books published that allow for some occasional comic soin in a WW-II setting.

Non ho fatto alcuna fatica a credere al racconto di Malaparte. Open Preview See a Problem? There is a frolicsome banter used in malapagte dialogue, and lots of joking around, yet death is everywhere, in the air, the sea, and on the ground right in front of them.

We’re told that one of the dead is Christ.

Curzio Malaparte

But, The Skin exposes Hemingway as a fraud. It is ridiculous arrogance to believe that thinking oneself right and just etc actually makes it so. They involve themselves in some quite bizarre situations, that left me reeling in both horror and almost howls of laughter, because I simply could not believe what I was reading. His most important novels, Kaputt and La pellewere both set in the war, the former on the Eastern Front and the latter during the invasion and occupation of Italy by the Allies.

Even the sirens of the sea may feel obliged to come ashore out of the malaprate of Naples to throw chunks thr coral at him.

Naples is the first city so honored by a liberation which also becomes a misery consuming bodies and souls, a moral plague where women are corrupted by prostitution, children corrupted by the material largesse doled out by the liberators, and men corrupted by abjection. New York Review Books’ decision to bring more of his work to a wider audience is in many ways one that is as enjoyable as it is noble.


It makes other authors who talk about war, including Vonegut, seem like little children reminicing about how much fun war is. His prose demonstrates the elegance of many of his thr, although Malaparte’s true antecedent is Baudelaire.

Later in the novel when switching to Rome, a man so excited by the sight of the Allies falls under the caterpillars of a Sherman tank and ends up flat as pancake. But Italy is just a corner of hell. Casertano looked at me and winked, “Wouldn’t you like maalparte good oyster stew?


In an essay on his other well-known book, KaputtDan Hofstader calls Malaparte “an intellectual harlequin and consummate arriviste. Refresh and try again.

The questions I ask myself reading this book ar This was another amazing work from Malaparte, but I enjoyed it less than Kaputt. I want to expand upon this review, but I am going to begin by saying no other book I can think of even approaches 4 stars let alone 5, in comparison to Curzio Malaparte’s “The Skin”. You’ve no idea what a man will do, what deeds of heroism and infamy he can accomplish, to save his skin. Nazione Indiana in Italian. That is, they force a story to bend to their agenda rather than attempting subtlety.

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Malaparte is a difficult chap to warm to. Indeed, Malaparte’s writing acts on the reader of the present day in much the same way that a vaccine does; in effect, his work introduces an element of immorality in order to ultimately protect the reader against its malapare. Kaputthis novelistic account of the war, surreptitiously written, presents the conflict from the point of view of those doomed to lose it. As a result of this previous experience, I have long been putting off reading The Skineven though there is much about it that appeals to me, so much, akin fact, that I actually bought it on the day of its release.

It is strange, yes, but understandable: