L5R RPG 4th Edition Mechanics. Create account or Sign in. search. Families · Schools · Skills · Advantages · Disadvantages · Spells. Armor. The design of armor varies considerably from Clan to Clan, and even varies from type to type within Clans. For the most part, however. Choose your Clan; Choose your Family; Defend your honor and gain fame while serving for the glory of your Family, Clan and for the Empire. Welcome to the.

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Selection from the Philiboyz. The weapon is a four-foot wooden shaft with a barbed crescent blade at the end. Smoke grenades to cover ambushes or retreats, demolition charges to destroy supply dumps or to ambush enemy soldiers… gaijin pepper has been used in all of these ways since it first came to Rokugan. Gunpowder is an alien substance editin the Emerald Empire and its uses and effects strike fear and horror in the hearts of the Rokugani.

Incendiary nageteppo are somewhat larger and more awkward to throw than their smoke-making counterparts.

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L5A : Les Clans Majeurs

Our selection for the professionnels. Our selection for the professionnels. It is significantly smaller than the other heavy weapons, but is wielded in much the same manner, hence its inclusion in this category.

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The damage increase from the Ninjutsu Skill increases the blowgun’s damage to 1k1 at Rank 3 and 2k1 at Rank 7. All Out War Warhammer It is a popular weapon l5w certain sects of sohei, or warrior monks, but beyond that it is not commonly seen.

Notify me when available. Books Cthulhu Nephilim Polaris Shadowrun. Ronin also wear it because of its affordability.

L5A 4ème Ed – L’Empire d’Emeraude

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The smoke normally lasts five Rounds before it disperses, although it can be blown away in a single Round by a strong wind. Throwing a nageteppo is a Simple Action. They are usually used to ignite fires during surprise attacks or raids—for example, shinobi who are targeting an enemy supply dump will bring incendiary nageteppo. Popular among ninja and other criminals, this weapon is a metal grappling hook attached to length of chain or, more frequently, a silken rope.

The ninja-to is a medium weapon, but is considered a small weapon for the purposes of concealment. This game is recommended by 2 of our Clients. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it.

Find out what you can do. The yari can be thrown a maximum range of 30′, and has a DR 1k2 when thrown.


This effect stacks but disappears immediately if ediyion kata is no longer in effect. Arcadia Quest Edigion Bowl Descent: Append content without editing the whole page source. This product is not sold individually. The tonfa has its origin as the handle of a millstone. Chain weapons are extremely uncommon, due to the sheer difficulty of their use. Knives are small, easily concealed blades that are popular among dishonorable individuals because they can be hidden and taken into places where one is not supposed to have a weapon.

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L5A 4ème Ed – Les Clans Majeurs – Boutique Philibert EN

Dice Tray and Dice Tower. Accessories Editioj Accessories Sceneries Playmats. There are a variety of war fans, also known as tessen, that are popular throughout the Empire. The jitte in particular is an accepted symbol of a magisterial position. Casino Games Deition Roulettes. Little selection from the Philiboyz to play with the kids to play with family to play with friends to learn about the modern games for expert players to play in pairs to play at the aperitif for a great time of fun.