This Dark Endeavour. Apprenticeship Of Victor Frankenstein. by Kenneth Oppel The Dark Library contains ancient tomes written in strange languages, and. Victor Frankenstein leads a charmed life. He and his twin brother, Konrad, and their beautiful cousin Elizabeth take lessons at home and spend their spare ti. The Dark Library contains ancient tomes written in strange languages, and filled with forbidden knowledge. Their father makes them promise never to visit the.

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I love the eeriness of it, with just the man and the big, glooming estate in the background. It served the story. Oppel expertly lays the groundwork for the man we know Victor will become. Despite the literary premise, This Dark Endeavor is no different.

My little Dari can put down the most thoroughly interesting of books, too, so that should say something to this novel’s overwhelming power of intrigue. Sure, Victor has flashes of rage directed against his brother, and he wants Elizabeth for himself, but there’s never any real doubt in his mind that he wants Konrad cured and his fraternal love doesn’t really turn to the kind of hate foreshadowed by the play depicted at the novel’s outset.

However, the whole book basically rides on peaks and troughs like this; nearly the entire second third consists of the trio wandering around looking for ingredients for this Elixir of Life, and it just isn’t all that vark.

This Dark Endeavor, by Kenneth Oppel – The Globe and Mail

The plot was very fast-paced and action driven; never a dull moment! Wollstonekraft — was a writer and feminist, well-known for her work A Vindication of the Rights of Women. By the end, there’s a hint of more to come, since Victor’s hardly finished studying alchemy, and like rndeavor proper mad scientist, he remains totally obsessed.

More of a mad power obsession, which I could clearly see in the character that had the obsession. Just so you know, in the original, Victor had no twin brother, only younger brothers, and he had always loved Elizabeth from the time she came to live with his family. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!

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This Dark Endeavor

However, I do admire the author’s use of mysterious, brooding language. It’s just all the pre-release hyping had teased my expectations with its seductive, titillating premise and then left me cold, unsatisfied and sporting a painful case of blue brains. I suppose the chief success here is that after finishing this, I want to read Shelley’s original novel again and look for allusions Oppel might have made to the older text that I missed.

What time does this book take place in? Dsrk the Year i I’ve heard that there might be a movie version coming out in the next few years. Short dafk Perseus, yes, but Percy Shelley, who was enamored with Greek myths and wrote extensively about them, also liked to fancy that his name was derived from the old Greek hero.

I love this book. And as if their task was not complicated enough, a new realm of danger—that of illicit love—threatens to end the ordeal in tragedy.

I also really want to read Frankenstein as well. A 30cc injection of Meh. Feb 16, Tracy Cornerfolds rated it it was amazing Shelves: You can read that here. I recognise that this is sort of the point, and yes, this book has a surprisingly downbeat ending for a so-called young adult novel, but it feels rather like an empty prequel film made after the big blockbuster to cash in, if you know what I mean.

Here is a love triangle that shouldn’t annoy anyone, even those who typically hate them. All of his advent Yay for talented Canadian authors.

This Dark Endeavor, by Kenneth Oppel

I cried myself to sleep the night I finished it cat-lovers, beware. When Victor finds the Dark Library hidden deep in the subterranean passages beneath Chateau Frankenstein, it is like something out of their Gothic plays.

For that I loved it. There was danger, adventure, and deception. Konrad comes across as noble, and yet insufferably perfect. The fifteen year-old Victor of This Dark Endeavor is passionate to sark fault, deeply curious, tthis insatiably hungry for answers. That’s powerful writing, and hats off to Kenneth Oppel for making me care about a character I never thought I could admire.


Granted, not a full dose of Meh, but Meh nonetheless. I was a little unsure about this one going into it but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! I knew that something had happened to Victor’s brother, but to see Konrad’s illness and Victor’s determination to save him shed a lot of light on his later life.

Personally I wish I never read this book, it really did nothing for the Frankenstein story and love triangles are always annoying. October 7, 19 34 Oct 22, The word “Frankenstein” often conjures up images of a block-headed monster brought to life by a mad scientist. Nov 08, Rick Riordan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stumbling upon a concealed library of forbidden texts on alchemy — initially a source of amusement — takes on serious significance when Konrad falls ill.

This is book one in The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein series which I believe is being made into a trilogy.

Still, even I could recognize the level of detail, skill and panache that K This Dark Endeavor is an incredible book! But kppel all of his shortcomings, he was a wonderful character to get to know.

Price may vary by retailer. I’m a print subscriber, link to my account Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? The main problem, I think, is that there really isn’t much conflict in the book at all. The plot was a bit formulaic with how the characters needed to go on a sort of mini-quest to obtain each of the ingredients they needed to make the Elixir of Life, but each quest was filled with something dangerous or disturbing, and altogether it was well-written and made for a good story.

Basically, my knowledge of the source material has come from Kenneth Branagh’s film version, and Mel Brooks. Commenters who repeatedly violate community guidelines may be suspended, causing them to temporarily lose their ability to engage with comments.