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When you go for a haircut, your barber might suggest a ‘fade’ cut for you. Do you know what a fade cut is or how your haircut will look after a fade cut? The “fade” haircut is a fashionable haircut for males, also referred to as “military reg.” It was in Google’s “Year in Search” trends of 2020. A fade cut implies that your hair begins to fade up at any length as you desire. It could even fade as low to your skin.

What exactly is a “Fade” Haircut?

“Fade” was formerly popular among Black barbers and has since become a widely used phrase for men’s haircuts with an extremely narrow trim. Clippers are used to trim the hair on the sides and back as close to the scalp as possible, then the hair on top is left to taper to any length you desire. The remaining hair on top is sometimes combed neatly or roughly styled with gel, paste, or ointment.

Oftentimes, the hairstyle is wrongly called a “military reg.” It is incorrect because the two hairstyles have varying standards for hair length.

Different Fade Hairstyles for Men

Some best fade Calgary stylists are more skilled than others in fade haircuts. The goal is to get a smooth fade which may be sometimes tough. To get a perfect fade, the barber needs to use various sizes of trimmer and blade. So for a fade haircut, you and your barber need to be calm.

A skilled barber in a barbershop Calgary can handle this very smoothly. Let’s look at some hairstyles for men, as well as some great haircuts Calgary.

  • Skin fades: Skin fade cuts start near the skin at the nape of the neck and gradually but swiftly reduce as they make way up the head to the longer hair.
  • High Skin Fade: A high skin fade gets to the top of your head before getting longer. It reveals a large part of the skin.
  • Medium Skin Fade: A medium skin fade starts lengthening around the center of your head.
  • Low Skin Fade: A low skin fade exposes a very small part of the upper neck and skin, leaving the short hairs to get longer up to the top of your head.

Lower fades are best if you have pimples or any other skin spots you wish to shield on your scalp. Lower fades remain sufficient hair to conceal the skin issues despite keeping the cut close.


Skin-Tight Fades are not Necessary

Although it is customary to have a fade cut near to the skin, also, the cut shouldn’t be so extreme. A fade hairstyle can be as narrow as an inch at the nape of the neck. This is why you need an expert best fade Calgary barber for this superb hairstyle. The famous “Caesar cut,” for example, is another close cut that is linked with Ancient Greeks’ films. This fashionable hairstyle exposes your skin as you want it. Most men like their fades down the neck, some others want theirs up to the top of the head. It is superb with sleek or wavy short or medium-length hair on top.

Another fashionable haircut for young men is the “blowout.” It is a rough-spiky-looking style that fits well with a low skin fade. For these haircuts Calgary, you need some hair products.


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