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What’s your favourite cut of dress: mini, midi, or maxi? If you said ‘all of the above’, that’s okay by us! All three are great for all sorts of different occasions. Today, however, we’re feeling a little biased towards maxi dresses. … Oh, who are we kidding? They’re the best thing ever!

Why the sudden maxi love, you ask? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about. Read on to learn why we’re totally digging maxi dresses this summer.

They’re like pyjamas 2.0

Don’t believe us? Think about it. Throughout the pandemic, you may have fulfilled the stereotype of staying in your pyjamas all day. And it was probably really, really comfy. Whilst pyjamas certainly have their place⁠—and you can buy the silkiest, most stylish pair in the Alamour online store⁠—it’s always better to get dressed for the day. And if it’s comfort you’re after, the maxi dress will deliver. All you need to do is pop it on and—voilà—you’re wearing the next best thing to a long, flowy nighty.

Day dresses or very, very stylish nighties? We’re undecided, but they’re certainly free-flowing enough to make for a comfortable, relaxed fit. Images: Alamour The Label 

They’re an outfit in themselves

Okay, so, imagine you’re putting on a pair of jeans. It’s not a simple case of sliding on the denim and then going out the door. Oh, no. You’ll also need to find your favourite top(s) to match the jeans (may we suggest the Love Me Bustier?), perhaps adding a belt, and once you eventually land the ideal outfit, you’ll have lost a few hours. And you’ll likely be uncomfortable because, well—denim. Maxi dresses are, like, a million times simpler. You can just pop them on, maybe adding a shrug or a baby tee underneath, and then you can go. If you’re wanting to equip yourself with basic accessories, almost all maxi dresses will go with brown or black additions. This can be an excellent go-to if you’re in a rush.

 This black beauty would look great with some black earrings or other accessories. Image: Alamour The Label 

They’re appropriate across all contexts

Not that we don’t love our casual clothes when the context calls for it, but brace yourselves for a further argument against the denim, which will result in maxi dress: 2; jeans: 0. Unless you’re attending casual Friday—or if you have a really, really chill workplace—jeans are not suitable work attire. But do you know what is? A maxi dress! And it’s also suitable at home, or when you’re eating out, or when you’re going shopping, or when you’re attending a formal event. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a context where a maxi dress will not do the trick.

Beach dresses or dresses fit for hitting the town? With a few small adjustments, they can be both! Images: Alamour The Label

Going to the beach? Wear a maxi dress. Going immediately from there to the movies or the theatre? Add a blazer and trade the thongs for heels or wedges. It’s amazing how by changing up the accessories, you’re changing up the whole look. And this can be super convenient when a girl is flitting from social engagement to social engagement!

They look great on

Well, obviously they look great on, or else why would we even recommend them? But they perpetually look great on, even on your worst days. A lot of maxi dresses have an A-line cut, and even if they don’t, they’re typically long and flowing. They fall in a way that touches on your curves and is also forgiving of any areas of which you’re not the greatest fan. If your maxi has a V-neckline, this can help to elongate your figure. If you want to emphasise the waist, simply cinch it with a belt. This will also elongate the legs more.

Long and flowing? Check. V-necked? Check. Emphasising the waist? Check. The verdict’s in: these maxi dresses look great on! Images: Alamour The Label 

They never go out of style

Most importantly, maxi dresses are so classic that they’re one true constant across time. They virtually do not age. They rose to popularity in the 1960s and are still turning heads 60 years on. What makes the maxi dress so timeless? Honestly, it’s the seemingly endless varieties. Even in this post, you’ve thus far seen eight different maxi dresses and they all have different cuts and colours.

Three dresses: three different colours; three different styles. But each one is a classic cut in a single colour. We bet these dresses will stand the test of time. Images: Alamour The Label

When it comes to colours, patterns, styles, and fabrics, the combinations are almost endless. And if you’re keen for a maxi dress to see you through this season and beyond, we recommend something in a single colour—with a classic cut. Imagine having a constant companion in your closet that you could always reach for. And as each season passed by, the only thing you’d need to change would be your accessories!

Hop aboard the maxi train

So, have we sold it to you? Maxi dresses are the best thing ever, right? Think about it: they’re almost as comfy as your PJs, but they look way more presentable than that. They’re almost a complete outfit in themselves and require minimal styling. They look great on, they can be worn in almost any setting, and they never go out of style. Whoever invented the maxi dress was onto a winner! We’re definitely stocking up this summer—and we think you should, too. All hail the maxi dress!

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